‘Udders Orchard make several products which are available depending on the season.  Our cider is made using hand-picked apples from in and around Huddersfield (and occasionally a little bit further!), which are pressed using a “rack and cloth” press, naturally fermented using naturally occurring yeasts, and aged until just right!  We add nothing, save from a little sugar in each bottle to generate the natural preservative, carbon dioxide.

Whisky Cask Cider – Dry 6% abv

Bottle and bag-in-box. Cider made the ‘Udders Orchard way, matured in ex-whisky casks to give a warming depth of flavour.

Waterloo Sunset Perry – Medium Dry – 6%

Bottle.  Freshly pressed pear juice with a small amount of red-fleshed apple juice to add a rosy glow to a delicate medium dry perry

The Udder Side – Dry – 6%

Bottle.  An equal blend of apple and pear juice, fermented naturally and aged to give a dry, thirst quenching beverage.

Solstice Belle – Medium Dry – 5%

A blend of old and new cider, only available around the Winter Solstice.

Huddersfield Cider – Dry – 6%

Bag-in-box.  Cider made the ‘Udders Orchard way, aged in oak barrels for 6 months.

Lincolnshire Hedgerow Cider

Bottle and bag-in-box.  A very rare cider made from apples foraged from hedgerows around the beautiful county of Lincolnshire#

Huddersfield Perry

Conference, commice and concorde pear juice, with just a little apple juice for acidity, fermented naturally and aged in oak casks.

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